My Brother the inspiration.

Have you seen a person walking through the worst phase of one’s life and still do not feel the same or let other’s get that?

I had the chance to grow with the typical one, My younger brother. I had seen him being a graduate student who was not able to clear his engineering degree in 5years, still end up in one of the top management college of the country. I have seen him letting go his first BPO salary of 6K when he has nothing, when we had nothing, then to have a very handsome salary at HDFC.

There were times after the 4 years of his engineering when we were completely uncertain about his career..even then he used to be chill. Even though when he was in Bangalore hardly 2 months before the CAT exams,he never had any kind of tension. these things never bothered him..Or he never let others know.

I always envied him because of his easy attitude towards life. There were times when I was working at home on multiple things simultaneously and he use to roam around with friends.

He was my best friend, My brother. And I pray daily just one thing that may be there is a parallel world where I can live with my inspiration again.


Drowning in My thoughts!

I know the idea of blog may be from a decade now, but still this is my first. It’s all very fascinating to think that whatever written here will be lying down somewhere in the ocean of information that can be accessed from web. Though the title and the content is related to something else.

It starts with my current situation; I been working in data warehouse for around 3 years now, but still, now and then i think why i am wasting my time on this. Why i am putting my heart and soul into something i don’t even like. In the process i find something which can occupy me for couple of days and then leave that in some time. This has lead to a situation where i have started to doubt myself on each and every assignment that i think of.

For now i am thinking on DataScience as my next target but when i see into myself i feel like i am drowning, though i have a boat near me but i don’t have the confidence whether i can reach it or not. Sometimes i miss my younger brother whom i could have told anything and got a very honest reply.

I think this should be enough for the first post otherwise this will be drown like my thoughts. 😛